Office Overhaul: Power Presentations

What makes an effective presentation?

Communications researchers say that a successful communication consists of a sender, a message, a receiver (or audience), and feedback. When you're the sender and a presentation is your message, how do you make sure your audience gets the message you meant to send?

Every day, in offices and meeting rooms all over the world, people are sitting through presentations. And most of the presenters aren't enjoying giving the presentation any more than their audiences are enjoying watching it.

Let's face it: presentations are typically not fun.

At least, the way we've been conditioned to do presentations isn't fun. But I believe the problem isn't because anyone really wants to be bored; it's mostly because presenters never get the chance to know their software well enough to create truly compelling presentations.

If your introduction to presentation software was wrapped up in the time crunch of having to create your first set of slides, it's likely that you never really had the chance to learn what your software could do for you. With the pressure of a looming deadline, you put together the same sort of presentation done 90% of the time: words on a slide, maybe with a common background or template. It got you through the finish line, but how did you feel about giving that presentation? Were you proud of it? Was it fun to give? And how did your audience react?

Audiences don't like presentations.

Usually, they won't say so, but most people in a business setting really don't like sitting through presentations. Why? Because most presentations really are downright boring. In fact, they're so typically boring that a phrase to describe them has become popular: "death by PowerPoint". That phrase wouldn't exist if presentations were typically entertaining and informative!

And that's where I come in. After years of writing and public speaking, typically backed by a presentation, I've realized that most of my colleagues--in fact, most of the people in the computer-using world--don't like to give presentations because they think inside the box created by presentation software. That's why they tend to look the same, feel the same, and act the same.

Don't be the same as everybody else!

Power Presentations is a five-hour course in how to effectively use your software to create entertaining, compelling presentations. I'll show you how to take advantage of your software's native capabilities, but I'll also show you how to get out of the presentation box and use graphics, sound, video, and interaction. You can be one of the few presenters who leave your audience interested and informed.

It's time to be one of the few.

Give yourself the advantage of understanding. Take five hours of your time and turn it into opportunities: to be more valuable to your company, to get a job, to knock out school work with confidence and skill.

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