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Writer's Armory started as a favor for a friend.  I was asked what techniques I used to outline my writing projects.  Now this request came as a bit of a surprise, coming as it did from someone who was well-known for writing.  As it turned out, the requestor felt very comfortable with writing "small projects" like magazine articles, but was very uneasy with the idea of conquering the organization required for a book.  So, as a favor for a friend, I wrote Thinking in Outlines, the first title in the Writer's Armory line.

Some time later, I was talking with my wife about other factors in writing that set her teeth on edge.  Ah, my secret's out: my wife is my editor-of-first-resort.  I like to think that her facility with languages has given me a bit of an advantage compared to some writers, but I'll leave that judgment to you.

At any rate, the subject of apostrophes came up.  That lowly piece of punctuation can indeed cause many readers to cringe when it appears unexpectedly, or is absent when expected.  And so Apostrophe Catastrophes was born.

I envision the Armory as a provider of solutions to the problems faced by writers, provided in short, easy-to-manage booklets.  You don't need to spend your life on an advanced degree in English; you need the tools to help you write the ideas you wish to communicate.  That's what I would like to do:  equip you to wield the mighty pen with ease.

What other titles might come out of Writer's Armory in the future?  Only time (and writers' suggestions) will tell.  If you have a problem area, send me an email ( ).  There may well be another weapon just waiting to be sharpened and added to the Armory.

Enjoy Writing,
- Jeff Peters, 2005

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